Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bird Hunt!

Despite the terrible weather forecast I decided to go on a bit of a bird hunt today. My targets were Golden Oriole and Montagu's Harrier. I got to Hockwold Fen (Lakenheath) just after 7am and someone helpfully directed me to a Oriole nest site. Once I got onto the nest I could just about see a tail poking out and after waiting a few minutes the tail turned into an Oriole as the female left the nest. She came and went several times and gave us brief but good views. We also heard the male calling frequently but just could get on to him. Just as I was about to leave the Bittern that had been "booming" away behind me appeared out of the reeds and flew 20m or so. As I was walking back to the car I caught a glimpse of two MALE Orioles chasing eachother through the trees. They really didn't look like they belonged in amongst a rainy grey backdrop of windswept Poplars!

Next stop was Norfolk and the Monty's. I'd been "tipped off" about a location that reportedly held several breeding pairs. As soon as I arrived at the site I caught a glimpse of a harrier quartering a field. Naturally I slammed the brakes on and got the bins on was a brilliant female Monty's! Unfortunately it was a little distant and incredibly dull and blustery, so taking pictures was tricky to say the least:

I decided to have a walk up to the top of Burnham Overy Staithe but the weather got progressively worse and I started to wish I hadn't! I was rewarded with nice views of two Little Terns on the way back though. My first of the year...
(Frustratingly just out of focus!)
Life list = 237


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  2. good post and some cool pics! like the montys one's dude! took my girlfriend to work a few weeks ago at the NEC in birmingham and decided to go for a walk round to lake there and spoterd a honey buzzard as well as a pair of common terns! anyway buddy i have backlink'd your blog with mine so take a look at and your link is on the right hand side! be well Ed and happy spotting