Friday, 1 May 2009

The Big Twitch

After getting back from twitching the Lark I settled down on the sofa to recover. A few hours later and I got a call from Mark asking if I was up for twitching the Collared Flycatcher down on Portland in Dorset. This was a mega and a great looking bird, so obviously I couldn't say no! Jenny kindly drove us down there (along with two dogs and a baby!) and four short hours later we arrived. It didn't take long to get on to the bird and it gave good views on an apple tree in someones garden. In the rush to see the bird, I jumped out the car without my camera so didn't manage any pics. We were very lucky though as the bird disappeared soon after we got there and wasn't seen again untill 20:40! This was the first day in years that Mark had got two lifers in one day and the first time I've ever had two megas in the same day. In 24hrs we'd been to two bird observatories on two different stretches of coastline and driven over 600 miles. I was totally shattered by the end of it but I can tell that it'll be the first of many epic twitches.

We left the Bill as dusk fell and headed for Macdonalds with yet another mega under our belts!
(Thanks to Mark and Jenny for putting in so many tiring hours behind the wheel and to Blyth for being so well behaved!)

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