Thursday, 25 March 2010

Roller Disco

We were lucky enough to find all 4 types of the resident speices of Roller in the Gambia. The most spectacualr was the Abyssinian Roller which was thankfully fairly common and often seemed to appear out of nowhere. On several ocasions I'd find them perched in the lower branches of a tree when I was sneaking up on Bee-Eaters and the like.

The most confusing of the Rollers we saw was the Broad-Billed Roller. A chocolate coloured bird with a splash of licac on its chest and a disctinctly falcon like shape to it. I spent several minutes perusing the falcons in the field guide before the bomb dropped. From the picture above its seems obviously not to be a falcon but from a distance and when its perched on a wire next to a road it looks very much like one- or perhaps the heat was getting to me more than I'd thought.

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