Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Expect the Unexpected!

When I woke up this Saturday morning I never in a million years expected to be sitting in the hide at the Lodge waiting for Bedfordshire's first Two-Barred Crossbill in over a hundred years. to show at the pool. I also didn't expect to have to get up at 5:30 (4:30 Non BST!) to have to try and see a Two-Barred Crossbil I hadn't seen the day before. Luckily at around half 7 a flock of 20+ Crossbill appeared in a tree right in front of the hide. They promptly flew off again leaving just one bird perched proudly at the top of the tree...


  1. Hi Ed,

    I too saw the bird and probably arrived a few minutes after you left. I thought the fighting was better on the day before though, even if we did all dip!


  2. Hi Matt,

    Yeah that fight was great! The best bit was when he called him a "Schizophrenic child molester" haha. I don't think that hide has ever seen so much tension!

    I hear you're now well skilled in moth trap production. Would you be able to make me one that I could buy off you?


  3. Hi Ed.
    Well worth getting up for. What a great bird. Nice one.