Monday, 17 May 2010

Derbyshire Dippers (and Grouse)

The (in)famous Lathkill Dale proved pretty poor for photography despite amazing conditions. After walking in entirely the wrong direction we eventually came to the waterfall and were met with singing Redstarts and Grey Wags but the black and white birds were thin on the ground. We had two pretty shy individuals so we decided to cut our loses and don oxygen masks to begin the ascent to the summit/car park. We then made our way to Padley Gorge where we found a really confiding bird with an aesthetically pleasing mouthful of ex-invertebrates and a penchant for standing on cliched mossy rocks.

The birds of the day for me though were the Red Grouse. These game birds don't get much press but they really are good value for money with a bizzare call, an amazing ability to run hilariosuly and a face made for whisky. It was only when I read up on them when I got home that I found out they were endemic to the British Ilses! Long live the Red Grouse!

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