Saturday, 13 June 2009

Two Butterflies and a Gropper

Okay so this is another post featuring exactly zero birds but it is summer and so butterflies can't help but take centre stage for a while! I hadn't been out birding (butterflying) for a while so decided to go for a summer stroll with my girlfriend around Rutland Water. After introducing her to her first Grass Snake we spotted what turned out to be a Large Skipper, the first lifer of the day. I then got a suprise as I heard a Grasshopper Warbler reeling away just the other side of a bush. I eventually managed to get good, albiet short views of the bird- a nice yearer! On the way back I picked up my second butterfly lifer in the form of a Speckled Wood. All in all, a very nice day. This butterflying is addictive!

(Strange looking bug. No idea what it is but there were loads of them so obviously nothing rare)

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  1. Nice post man, I think they are scorpion flies, for obious reasons! lol, hope you're ready for an intense 3 days of nature!!!!!!!